The Fall is a revision of the Saint Seiya fanfiction "The Fall of a Goddess", also known as TFoaG, which ran from 1997 to 2005, one of my first steps into writing (many followed, considering now I am a writer/comic book artist/editor. Seems words are really here to stay). As it goes with fanfictions and lost stories, I thought that ten years later, and due to all the mails I've been recieving since, was as good a time as any to wrap it up. It's been a ride, people. May it continue to be so.


This story is dedicated, with much love and humble devotion, to Saint Seiya, the manga and anime written by Masami Kurumada.






The timeline is modified from the series, so here is some reference:

Seiya/Shun at the end of their training: 15 // Sao/Shiryu/Hyoga: 17 // Ikki/Arte: 18 (add +10 to most Goldies)

The wars against Sanctuary, Eris, Asgard, Poseidon and Hades happen in a five years span since then. Meaning that "now" the characters are in their early 20's and the Gold Saints in their early 30's.


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