Hi! I'm Paula (sometimes Derrewyn, why stick to one name when you can go for more!)

I'm a Buenos Aires based illustrator, comic book artist, writer and sometimes publisher (who enjoys gaming, meeting people over coffee, exploring cities and reading in whatever free time I can squeeze in between).

I draw my inspiration from mythology, symbolism, religious art, folklore and supernatural tales,with a touch of the sensual and the morbid (such is life!). I also enjoy investigating inter-relationships dynamics through writing, and drawing flowy things quite a lot. Swosh!

Contact me:

email: derrewyn@gutterglitter.net

Personal commissions: Open

You can also find me on facebook, facebook once again (this one is the chatty one), twitter and deviantart.


Where can you find my work?

My Books:

Amsterdam (mini-comic, Gutter Glitter, published in the Netherlands as part of my artist residence in AGA LAB, 2016)
Oveja Negra (anthology, Gutter Glitter, 2016)
Mythos (artbook, Gutter Glitter, 2015)
Brauronian (self-published, 2011)
Berwick (self-published, 2008)
Sedna (self-published, 2008)
Gomorra: Sadomasochism (Midgar studio, 2003)

I am currently part of Tótem Comics for which I am doing "Amnistía", a webcomic that updates every Monday (Spanish) and Friday (English)
amnistiatotem.tumblr.com (spanish)
amnistiacomic.tumblr.com (english)

You can also find my work in the following projects:
Psychopomp I, II, III and IV (Gutter Glitter, 2012-2015)
Anuraidh (Gutter Glitter, 2014-2015)
Próxima Nº10, 17, 25 and 26 (Ed. Ayarmanot. 2013-2015)
Una y Mil Brujas (Contamusa, 2015)
Monsterland (Gutter Glitter, 2014)
Control de Plagas (Mojito Colectivo Editorial, 2014)
Aztez (Team Colorblind, 2014)
Próxima Especial Historieta (Ed. Ayarmanot, 2014)
Ghost Book (13 Crowns Studio, 2013)
Terminus (Terminus, 2013)
Revolutionart Magazine (2012)
Awakening, Vol.2 (Archaia, 2012)
The God Machine (Archaia, 2012)
Freakshow (Moirae, 2009)
Scared of Girls (Moirae, 2007)
Gomorra (Midgar Studio, 2002-2003)

Lectures and artists' residencies:

Këmijarvi Art Residence (July, 2016. Artist in residence, Këmijarvi, Finland)
Eläintarhan huvila (June-July 2016, artist in residence, Helsinki, Finland)
AGA LAB (May 2016, artist in residence, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
"La presencia de la mujer como historietista y editora" (Buenos Aires Book Fair, 2016)

Upcoming events:

I am very active at the Buenos Aires illustration and comic books' scene and you can usually find me at Crack Bang Boom, Comicópolis, Dibujados, Jornadas del Manga y el Ánime, Vuela, Feria del Libro de Vicente Lopez, etc.

Past art shows:

Amsterdam (2016)
Book presentation, AGA LAB, Amsterdam

Oveja Negra (2016)
Book presentation, Buenos Aires.

Desafío He-man (2015)
Buenos Aires.

Desafío Seiya (2015)
Jardín Japonés, Buenos Aires.

Desafío Koji (2015)
Jardín Japonés, Buenos Aires.

5ºStreet Arte BA Live session. (2010)
Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.

Mythosis (2008)
Buenos Aires.

Larvae (2008)
Buenos Aires

Urban Draw (2008)
Axel Hotel, Buenos Aires.

Tarot Colectivo (2008)
Axel Hotel, Buenos Aires.

All content © Paula Andrade 2016
No reproduction without express permission.